Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Recipe

I'm back on track again with posting! Yea! This even makes two posts today! So here's another wonderful recipe! I have another one planned for next week that I can't wait to try and make, but I need some time to do it this weekend. For now, this is what I did this week:

Savory Brown Rice Protein Pancake

This doesn't really look like much of a pancake. Truth is, my pancake sort of fell apart when I was making it. Just imagine a perfectly round cake in your head for a better effect. :)

I often times have protein pancakes in the morning. You know, oats, fruit of choice, egg whites, cinnamon, etc. One day for lunch though, I was craving something savory. I had my oatmeal for the day so making a  regular protein pancake for lunch was out of the question. I didn't have many proteins ready and available to whip something up so I was pretty much limited to greek yogurt and eggs. I had a brilliant idea suddenly. Why not a savory brown rice protein pancake?! Then...I got to work!

To make this delicious beauty:

Dice peppers (of all colors) and onion into small square pieces. As much as desired. I would say half cup at least. Saute these in olive oil in a pan. Next, in a bowl put 4 egg whites. Add to egg whites 1/2 C  plus another spoonful of cooked brown rice. Mix these together. Add brown pepper and salt as desired. You could also add other spices depending on what you like: cayenne pepper or some tabasco sauce if you like spicy food, garlic powder, chives, or any other spices you enjoy. I also add a small handful of shredded mozzarella cheese. When peppers and onion are cooked add to the bowl and mix all ingredients together thoroughly. Now, cook this in olive oil in a pan till thoroughly cooked. 

You have your savory brown rice protein pancake! Enjoy!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Remember, you're halfway there! :)

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