Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Clean Sweep!

A couple of weeks ago, I went on a cleaning mission. For at least a week, I had a box of glass containers that my father gave to me from my grandma's house. They were the cool glass ones with the flip top lids and rubber airtight seals on top that close with a metal clamp. Know the ones I'm talking about? Ah - These:
 As they sat in my path of walking for a week, I finally had to do something about it. I had decided to replace my old storage containers with grandma's. Grandma's containers needed a good washing though, (as did my place), so I thought I would get it all done in one afternoon.
I washed and dried the containers and started to fill them with the food items in my cupboards; noodles, quinoa, nuts, oats. I looked at a lot of my old containers and other items in my pantry. It occurred to me that, most of them, I hadn't touched in a year. These were foods like white flour, white sugar, maple syrup (made of corn syrup), maseca, and on and on. Foods that I've tried to eliminate from my diet. I was thinking about why I still had these around. I remembered having kept some of them thinking that maybe if I had to bring treats to a dinner or gathering, I would use them. Looking at my overflowing cupboard I realized, I didn't NEED to keep these foods. Not only do I not include them in my diet, but why do I feel the need or want to feed that to my friends?! After all, DAMY Health has plenty of recipes on hand that I can make and bring to gatherings. Most of the time, when I bring these foods, nobody knows the difference anyway!

I decided to make a clean sweep of my cupboards  - just like I do my closets each year! Anything that hadn't been touched in a year was gone! Look at everything I found!

Shortening, corn starch, powered sugar, maple syrup (made with corn syrup), biscuit mix, dry milk, pancake mix! Stuff I don't include in my diet anymore!

Flour, maseca, white sugar...

No more!

Gone are the non-clean foods!

What I ended up with though, was much more spectacular and CLEAN!

Popcorn, noodles, nuts, oatmeal in Grandma's containers.

Much less crowded and happier shelves!

While I was doing that, I figured why stop there?! I also finally got some organization done for my business stuff! A calendar to write down all my tours on and a little box to put all of my bills in when they arrive for accounting. Attached it to the back of my door and moved my old board to a new location on the back of another door.

I'm newly organized now and I have no refined sugars or flours to make goodies! It's going to be all clean goodies at parties from now on! And why not?! Then I'll have an option to eat and won't be eating any of the bad stuff! :)

How many of you have cleaned out your cupboards of the items you don't want to include in your diet?

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