Saturday, July 21, 2012

A disappearing act...

As I'm sure you all have noticed, I haven't been as on top of posting this summer as I am regularly. My job as well as my business have been keeping me busy this summer...which is good, but I can't post as much. I wish that my business was keeping me busier than it currently is, however. One of my goals for this year was to hopefully see an increase in my business. I've been working hard, adding my business to websites, handing out flyers in person and trying to market through various means. It seems the main difficulty and obstacle to increasing business, is simply getting the word out that my business exists.

The other weekend, when talking to someone who works for my bike shop, he had a great idea! Why not invite some of the concierges from local hotels on a free tour. That way, they can experience the tour and will know more about it and HOPEFULLY be more likely to tell guests about it as an option for unique activities to participate in while visiting the city.

Last weekend, I spent some time putting invites together so that I could get them out ASAP to the hotels. I came up with this invite which is printed on a piece of photography paper. It's pretty simple, but I was actually very proud of it.

The backdrop is my family! Nieces and sister and brother-in-law! Love it!

I also decided to buy some sticker which will be put on my helmets and I am also working on ordering a flag for my bike which will have my logo. That will increase visibility for my business as I'm doing my tours. Check out my stickers! 

It has also been a very hot July here in Minnesota, so I have hopes that when fall rolls around, with more people knowing about it, that business will increase. That would be awesome! Although I am not as busy as I would like, I am happy that I think I have, even thus far, accomplished my goal. My business has certainly increased and I am hoping that it does even more in the fall and next year. 

This weekend, I had no tours though! That feels really frustrating! However, rather than dwell on it, I am taking each day at a time, praying about it, and trying to continue to market. I am know that growing a business simply takes some time.  Since I am not one to dwell on the negative, I am keeping positive and I use my time without tours to take advantage of life, since I am not working. I drove down (about an hour and fifteen minutes) to see my Gramps the other day! Grandpa is 92!!!! He certainly doesn't look it and he has the spunk of someone much younger! Grandpa has been in a nursing home because he had a fall in the winter and it left him kind of confused. However, with therapy and some time in the nursing home, he is coming around and seems to be getting more memory back and be less confused! I took Grandpa on a short walk yesterday to get him out in the fresh air! It was great to see him! We have a date once every other week. I try and go visit him on Fridays after tours or during the mornings if I don't have tours! I love it! 

Grandpa and I on a walk.

Like I said, I've been trying to enjoy the days given to me to be free. After my visit with Grandpa yesterday, I hopped to the beach with my friend Lindsey!

Those are the things that have been keeping me away from writing! I am busy, but I'm still here and working on my goals! One thing that I was thinking about the other day was that I haven't accomplished my goal of my century ride this year. I think I may take a day off of work, find a biking partner who is up for the challenge and do just that! For now, I'm off to dodgeball to throw some balls at people! May as well as enjoy my weekend off! :)

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