Friday, July 20, 2012

Not So Wednesday Recipe...

Yes! It's quite past Wednesday! lol Okay,'s Friday! But come on, whose paying attention anyways?! I am here and sending you a lovely little recipe that my wonderful sister forwarded to me on Pinterest! I love this recipe! It reminds me a lot of a similar recipe in  DAMY Health's repertoire! You can find DAMY's similar recipe HERE.

The one I want to talk about today though is below! :)


THIS is a wonderfully clean little beauty of a recipe that I found on Pinterest that is SO GOOD! It was created by Erin who writes her own blog on  You can find the recipe HERE. She is right when she says that these are best when they are warm! I keep mine in the fridge and I heat them up usually in the microwave each time. Now when Erin says that the batter isn't good to taste, I have to completely disagree. On the other hand, I have been eating clean for about a year so my palette is likely quite different to others' palettes. :) I did change a few things in Erin's recipe however. I, of course, used dark chocolate chips. I also added a scoop of whey protein powder for some extra protein. I eat two of these as a snack! So delicious!

I hope that you all had a fantastic week! 
I hope to be around and posting some more this weekend!

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