Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday Recipe

My second post of the day! Woo hoo! Today's post isn't as much of a recipe as it is a TACTIC! A tactic to be clean eating in times of temptation. 

I think that many times blogs offer advice about a good option to make when choosing between one thing or another, but how about how to avoid that thing altogether?! Of course, it's perfectly okay to divulge every now and again. That is no problem. But what happens when you are out and you DON'T want to divulge that particular day, but feel like it's a social peer pressure type of situation? I'm not saying the peer pressure like when you are in high school. I'm talking about just the pressure of being in a certain place and feeling that you have to participate in certain activities...simply because you are there! What are one of those adult activities? Ah, of course! Going out for a drink!

Source: via Randi on Pinterest

Yes, there are tons of drinks you can choose that are cleaner than others. However, what if you don't want to drink at all? Well, I've found my sort of "non-drink" drink that is clean but makes me feel like I get some of the yumminess of a cocktail, with no alcohol at all! So, it's 100% clean! It's not  a HUGE mystery, secret, or anything I'm sure many people haven't done, but it's helped me get through some social situations where I really didn't WANT to have a drink. 

I think a cocktail of choice for many people - probably many women - is the all famous MOJITO!
I love mojitos! There is something so refreshing to me about the combination of citrus fruits and mint. The real mojito has the lime, mint, sugar and rum. The trick that I have come up with to get my clean mojito is pretty simple! Take out everything that isn't clean! 

On a night out at the bar with friends, I will simply ask the bartender to muddle mint leaves and lime together in a glass and then pour in water! That's it! Water, mint, lime and ice! Anyone else in the bar that sees me, doesn't know I'm not drinking a REAL mojito. They think I'm enjoying a drink with the rest of them! Truthfully, I AM enjoying my drink! Plus, it's sans "unclean" foods so I am feeling great about it! You can also ask them to add club soda if you want some lovely fizziness! 

This is something that I've done several times while I'm out in social situations. Everyone there thinks I'm out enjoying an adult beverage with them! I can drink something clean and still be social! It CAN go hand in hand, you just have to figure out tactics that work for you! This is one of mine! If you are invited out but fear not being able to be "clean" and social, give this tactic a whirl! Works like a charm for me! :)

Happy Wednesday Everyone! You're halfway there!

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