Wednesday, July 04, 2012

The key to being fit: Eat A LOT!

Some of you may have noticed a post on my Facebook Page last week. I had made a comment with regards to a keyword that was utilized to find information and how someone happened upon my blog. Sometimes I look at the stats for my blog. I'll sometimes look at the keywords entered to how people get there. Some of the keyword or phrases that I see being utilized, really make me sad. This week, I saw this: "when do you see results when eating once a day." Wow! This search really bothered me. The fact that anyone is searching for when they'll start losing weight when just eating once a day is sad! Of course, this could be someone doing research and I could very well be jumping to conclusions, but either way, I still think this is an important post to make. After making my Facebook status update my friend, Lindsie, urged me to write a post, so here I am! :)

First things first: No one should EVER be eating only once a day! In fact, you should be eating around 6 times per day! Food is fuel and without it, you're body/brain, metabolism, everything doesn't function correctly or efficiently. Food isn't the enemy - it's eating the WRONG types of foods. As a matter of fact, the less you eat, the less likely you are to lose the weight you want. When your body doesn't get fed, it thinks that it may not ever get fed again, so it begins to burn your muscle. Then when you do begin eating again, your body is still in "reserve mode" and it starts storing the food you do begin to eat again as fat. Don't believe me?  See HERE

That said, eating is a necessity to losing weight. You are doing yourself a huge disservice if you are not eating. In all likelihood, you are really messing up your metabolism and NOT speeding it up. The more you eat, the more of the right fuel you have, the better your metabolism will work. 

With regards to myself and eating the RIGHT food; this is something that honestly, I have been slipping on major time lately. I have once again, gained some weight. In fact, I haven't even been honest with myself and don't REMEMBER the last time I stepped on the scale. I am a little disappointed with myself, but I know that the best thing I can do is forgive myself, clean up my act and move forward while making the RIGHT choices.  Not only did I gain some weight, but I also while eating those foods, never even felt good! I felt sick most of the time but was addicted! I always take full ownership of my downfalls. Even while working out (I never miss my workouts) you will gain weight and lose tone when not eating the proper foods. Yes! Diet is THAT important! I recognize that these were MY choices and I can turn it around and make the right choices. 

This summer has been full of many things that I think have led me to eating foods I wouldn't normally eat; stress, being busy with my business and not being able to eat on schedule and, of course, making excuses because I am at a bbq or whatever event and allowing myself more of the "unclean" foods that I normally wouldn't have, simply because I haven't prepared myself or eaten properly ahead of time. I know that my one weakness is eating in moderation at times. Not eating clean foods, but eating the stuff I shouldn't be eating. However, I look at my failures and where I go wrong, attempt to learn from them and not do the same thing again. So that is what I'm doing! The last 2 days have been clean, clean, clean! I know that I can get back on track and lean once again! :) I know that I can do this not eating only ONCE a day, but SIX times a day!

Source: via Alyssa on Pinterest

I want to encourage anyone who is reading this and may have unhealthy diets or be having a slip up like myself - whether eating too much or eating too little - to work on getting fit again with me - the healthy way! Anyone who runs across this and thinks - yeah, that's not possible. Look below - I ate clean (6 times per day) for one week! Look at the difference! 

In fact, look at the results I had overall! 

I want to encourage anyone who reads this and is at the point that they are READY to treat themselves well, work hard, and dedicate themselves to nurturing their body properly to check out DAMY Health and lean down with me! You will eat six times a day and feel SO healthy! I am already started! Who's ready to join me?!?!


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