Saturday, June 23, 2012

New Running Shoes For Less...Find Out How

I thought I would post a blog about my new running shoes! I got myself a new pair of them this past week! A lovely pair of Saucony Progrid Guide 4 running shoes! See?

These are a stability type of running shoe because I have the genetic defect of having no arches (hey, we all have our mutations! ;) and I pronate - a lot. :) Makes for one sexy looking run! That means I need a stability shoe with some orthotic inserts. 

The place where I buy my shoes is The Running Room. It's only a block from my house so I love the convenience aspect. Also, they specialize in running shoes and their staff are trained to observe people walk and determine which type of shoe is best suited for your body and your sports needs. I've found that the people in the shop are quite friendly and informative. 

My lovely new shoes, guess how much I paid for them? $50. Yep, $50 for Saucony shoes! That's a bargain and that's what I need because I live on a tight budget. As anyone who works out a lot knows, having good shoes is very important! It can make all of the difference in the world and I was way overdue! Don't believe me that shoes are important? Well, then listen to Lee:

If you still don't believe Lee, see what a doctor says HERE.

The pair of shoes that I purchased are also selling for about $60.00 online. However, you have to consider that online you must also pay shipping. These shoes were actually shipped from another local store, to the one a block from me for free! I wanted to share with you some tips on how I get my bargain shoes.

1. Find the right shoe store for you and get to know the sales people. Since I have been going to The Running Room for a while, I have developed a relationship with the people in the shop and they recognize me when I walk in. One of the ways that I discovered my bargaining for workout shoes was through one of the workers. People who have an established relationship with a customer will be more likely to go out of their way to help you get a bargain.

2. You do not need this year's latest shoe, last year's shoe is the one you want. This is the principal way that I get my shoe bargains. The Running Room has their last year model shoes in their back room. Now, they may not put them out for all of us to shop from, but believe me, they have them. When I go in to by some new shoes, I never look at the shelf. What I do is go to a salesperson and tell them that I'd love to look at getting the same model of the shoe that I had last year (I really do tend to stick with the same models - if it's doing it's job and working well for me, why change it?) but that I am interested in knowing if they still have last year's model. Yes, they usually do. This year's model of the Progrid Guide running shoe, according to the Running Room's website, is running for $144.00. The only Saucony site says $110.00. Now, it could be appealing to have the newest model of this year's shoe, but hey, I can get that next year! :D Yes, the Progrid Guide 5 is 1.5 oz lighter than the Progrid Guide 4, but I'm okay with an extra 1.5 oz. I'm not okay with an extra $90.00.

3. Know the correct kind of shoes for you in case they don't have your model. I bet you're thinking, "Okay Miss Smarty Pants, now what if they don't have last year's model in the shoe?" They may not. They had to call a couple of stores for me to find this one in stock, in my size. However, if they do not have the model that you would like, make sure you know what type of running shoe works for you. I know I need stability shoes. If they didn't have my lovely Saucony shoe, I would have asked for other stability shoes in last year's models and I would have tried them on. I'm willing to bet they would be much less pricey than this year's model of other stability shoes.

There you have it! My three tips on bargaining for running shoes! You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars to have proper foot gear for working out! Having proper gear IS important, spending your life savings on them is not! Get out there, find your favorite shoe shop, get to know your sales people and get bargaining! Most importantly, get out to enjoy your new shoes! :D

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