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Goal Getter Gurl: Kyla Gagnon

Today, I get to do my FAVORITE type of post - a Goal Getter Gurl spotlight! As much as I love entertaining you all with the mundane details of my life, talking about other AMAZING women who are striving towards their own goals makes me even happier! I love to support and highlight other women who are working hard to accomplish their dreams!

As such, my spotlight for this post is Miss Kyla Gagnon. Kyla is an amazing athlete and woman! I actually haven't even met her in the flesh, but I met her on the good old Facebook! Kyla is beautiful inside and out! If you take one look at her Facebook page, you will see that she is quite a goal chaser (as well as accomplisher!). Having a look at her page initially, I have to admit, I was a little intimated to approach her! Seriously, I didn't know what this woman was going to be like when I first started liking her posts, following her page and eventually instant messaging her. I have to say though, Kyla is VERY approachable and SO nice - not to mention that I love her sense of humor (especially on some of her posts)! I've enjoyed the chats I've had with her about health, fitness, running a business and goals. I also think that she is such an awesome role model to women - proving that you can be fit (STRONG!), have some muscle, and still be beautiful and feminine! Seriously, try some of her workouts - you will get your butt kicked BUT you'll end up pretty fit! ;) If you want to follow Kyla, consider checking out her Facebook page, her workout page, or her business page. Personally, I love them all! I'm sending a big THANKS to Kyla for her post and alas, here is a post from our Goal Getter herself: Kyla Gagnon.


I grew up as an only child with two incredible parents who raised me from separate homes but with the same vision and love when it came to raising their daughter. Their vision was to guide me into becoming the best version of myself that I possibly could be. This by no means meant learning to be “perfect” at everything, but instead simply trying anything.

There was something about the fitness industry that caught my attention, and then really held onto it. Graduation was coming quickly - and with it came slight panic in my little head. All of my peers were prepping for University or College and here I was, still unsure of where I would be and what I wanted to do.

My mom who took herself back to school when I was two (She was 30 when she entered her Nursing program) would sit with me and calm me down with reminders that I am young (I was 17, lets be honest I had my whole life ahead of me). It was OK if I needed time to find what I loved, what I believed in and what I wanted to spend time, energy and money on, rather than taking some university program and spending tens of thousands of dollars only to end up doing something completely different. My Dad would tell me the same thing when we would talk, almost word for word.

NOW, by no means does this mean that my parents thought it was ok for me sit back and do nothing. I had a job and I paid my own bills while I thought seriously about my future, but was never pressured in any way to RUSH the process.

Fitness remained option number one in my mind and really in my heart. Nothing made me feel the way fitness did and so I decided that THIS is how I was going to make my money and live my life.
Was it REALLY possible to earn a living doing what you ALREADY love doing??? I was about to find out.....

Today, 8 years later, I can happily and confidently say that YES, indeed you can earn a living doing what you love. This last year was my first year flying solo as a trainer, not connected with a team, studio, or gym. Just ME and my clients.



For 8 years, I have really had nothing to concern myself with other than developing training programs for my clients and seeing them through. The business end was always sort of taken care of, either by the gym management or the studio owners. Clients for the most part were given to me or referred to me through other clients. Advertising, marketing, budgeting, client tracking, equipment purchasing, fees, know, all the back end part of running a business; this was now on ME. By no means was I or am I complaining...NOPE, loving it, but it's an ongoing lesson for me.

This has been a year of serious goal setting and planning to ensure that this business that I love SO much not only stays going but RUNS THE WORLD! :) Each day offers new lessons for me and thus I am creating new goals.

More recently I have started a website that focuses on short intense do-ANYWHERE workouts; has become my newest baby, and an ongoing goal of evolving the site to thousands and eventually millions of viewers and members. Next in line, and it has been a LONG ongoing project, for whatever reason, is my BUSINESS WEBSITE - is on her way to the top!!!! Creating the right site is harder than I thought it would be. I can see a vision in my mind, but turning that into reality is a project that requires attention and patience. Thats the thing with setting goals.

Patience and understanding is so important, especially when it comes to yourself. You are not super human, as much as you may feel like it from time to time. You are simply human with side steps and obstacles. Set your goals out in front of you with very clear instructions to yourself of what needs to be done in order to accomplish them. For ME, the list for my BUSINESS WEBSITE looked something like this:

Research sites that I like, and list WHAT I like about them.
Discuss options with the 3 web designers ( names not important for this:).
Write the content for each page.
Collect photos, testimonials, videos etc .
Research price options for all the “extra's”.
Determine what I want versus what I need..... Be smart!!

And of course a million other little things, but they are all for a purpose and therefore worth more than the somewhat overwhelmingness of THE LIST. Instead of looking at the great big list of things that need to be done, and trying to imagine what the end result will actually look like, slow down and start at the top. Start with the mini goals, that NEED to be done in order to reach the final dream. Check them off as you go. This feels so great, so refreshing and you begin to feel 'lighter'.

Kyla and her pup, Jackson - who she says brings her daily balance! :)
Some dreams take a lifetime to reach. Some happen in what seems like overnight. Each requires their own mini lists of to do's in order to reach the end, and each is equally important. Whatever you do, whatever steps in your way, just remember what it is that you are going after, and be SURE you are true to your WHY.

Your why is more important than anybody's “You Can't”. So just go do it!!!!

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