Tuesday, August 07, 2012

A Balanced Life

I've been very busy this summer; the business, the blog, the other job, gym time and oh yeah, the other thing, a social life. Wait, what? A social life? What is that?!

Ah yes, the dilemma of a productive woman's life...when in the HECK do you have time for a social life?! Let's face it, I'm a single woman, a girl needs to date every now and again! ;) I have been feeling a longing for other companionship this year though and that's that of a group of friends. A group of friends I can see on a regular basis! Don't get me wrong, I have some GREAT friends already. Some of whom I've missed a lot this summer. Most of my friends, however, are married, recently married or in a relationship. This means, I don't see them too much anymore. That's not to say that it's their fault or my fault. It's both of our faults. I don't want to be a bother and impose too much and with my busy life, don't always do the best at inviting and tracking people down. Sometimes, understandably, you hear less from those people because they are busy with their lives and companions. I realized, around my goal of having more get togethers with friends, I also just needed to branch out and make some NEW friends. Not because I don't like my other friends, or I'm mad at them, nothing like that...simply the fact of having new friends/activities. Also, this can put me into new social situations where, hey, you never know, I may meet a significant other!

The other reason that I've been working on this is that I know that with my business and everything else that I have going on, I don't always lead a balanced life. I miss out on social gatherings with new groups of friends because I have to be around for my business. It's quite difficult to try and cook your meals, keep your house cleaned, workout regularly, maintain a business properly and hold down a job AND keep a social life! I find myself getting less and less sleep. I have not been as true to my clean eating as I would like this summer. Simply finding time and ambition to do so can be really difficult some days but I'm doing my best to stick with it. I've maintained where I'm at and am still quite happy with how I am though I know I have been a bit leaner. However, I am deciding not to fret over it and keep doing my best. I have a lot on my plate right now and balance is key right now.

With that said, my social life is something I'm trying to balance back in. I'm trying to get myself out there to social events and try new things when possible around my work schedule. It's funny that I recently went to a social even with a new friend and said, "Wow! So this is what normal people do on Sunday evenings?! I've been locked in my house for a year every weekend!" lol I know, it sounds sad and it doesn't mean that while in my house, I wasn't enjoying life. I was. Simply because I've been working on things I'm passionate about. Now however, I realize I need to come back to balance. Balance keeps me away from my blog sometimes, it keeps me up at night, but is well worth it. With time and growing success of my business, I can only hope that balance becomes easier.

What about you? What needs to come into balance in your life?

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