Saturday, September 15, 2012


Why yes, I'm going to ride off of the former political slogans of Obama...we want change and so do I! I mentioned in yesterday's post that I know I haven't been blogging much lately and that's due to several factors.

Firstly, time and stress. During the summer, I work 7 days a week. I work every day in the summer with no breaks between my business and my day job. When I do have a couple of days break, the last thing I feel like doing is hopping online and working more. Not that blogging is work, I enjoy it but sometimes I just need some decompression time, an opportunity to have more of a social life and not have to think about these things. This summer has also proven a bit more difficult at my day job. There has been an increase in demand at work and my coworker has taken several vacations during the summer leaving me to a week or more of work on my own (don't get me wrong, she needs vacations and deserves them too, I just can't have that luxury myself during the summer when I'm doing my business - don't worry, I'll make up for it this winter!). It can be very mentally taxing at my work and I find that when I get home from work during high peak times, I arrive exhausted and not fully driven to complete other tasks, like blogging. This has been a real struggle for me this summer because mentally, I want to blog and document my accomplishments and what I'm working on, however physically, I don't always have the drive to do so.

This stress and lack of time has contributed to another factor. I've gained some weight and to be perfectly honest with everyone and myself, I haven't been doing as well on clean eating as I would like. Lack of time and ambition when I have some free time has led to me not being able to prepare as many snacks and meals for the week as I normally would. I realize this can easily be seen as an excuse, however when I say I really am stressed and busy, I mean it. Yes, I have time I could be making meals, but that takes away from my social time - the little I have during the summer. When I'm stressed, the social time means a lot to me. I'm an extrovert and being able to socialize and be out of the house really benefits my mood. Ultimately, when I start eating a lot more sugars and refined foods, I become addicted again and crave those foods. It's a process I'm still working on and I'm trying to re-dedicate myself to clean eating. I have basically been at about 75% clean this summer. When I am not sticking to something I know is good for me, I don't feel I can blog about it with 100% honesty. But this post is honest about where I am at with that in this present moment of my life. 75% is not near enough but I know when I'm ready and the time is right, I will get back on this. I will keep you all updated! :)

So true! Diet is about 75% of staying fit and healthy! Eating good is so important and it's why I'm itching to get back to clean!

This lack of time and need for social activity has also led to a new important development for me and my currently living situation! Another situation that has become quite stressful for me over this summer has been my place of dwelling. As I mentioned, when I first moved there, it was a tiny place that worked for me because it was conveniently close to my business, affordable rent and I have a lovely landlord. On the downside, I was going to have to sacrifice space. I have done this for the past 2 years and now, I'm starting to crawl the walls! I feel very confined in my space and I know that now that I'm a little more financially stable with my business, I can afford just a bit more. However, I realized I can get a bigger space and spend about the same if I live with someone. That's where my new, wonderful and amazing friend, Lindsey comes in. I really get along with Lindsey who I met through a mutual friend.
Me and Lindsey - don't mind my crazy bike helmet hair.
We are both single gals, have similar interests, enjoy being healthy and eating well. We have come to the tough decision of moving in together and having our very own, "bachelorette pad"! I am nervous about this because I have lived alone for quite awhile (as has Lindsey). While I know there are some freedoms lost when moving in with someone, I also know that there are opportunities gained. It will be nice to have company when I am having a down day, someone to do social outings with and Lindsey and I have even spoken about having clean eating cooking days where we work on making treats and meals together! I think this will be a great change and I'm looking forward to it if everything pans out. It will be different, but sometimes new and different is good! If all pans out well, we should be moving in together in late fall.

Those are the reasons I haven't been blogging as frequently as I would like. Soon, my biking season will be coming to an end (although I'll still be working on it through the winter) and I can get back to some consistency and regularity. Also, a move will really do me good as well, I think.

Do you ever get stuck in a rut? What change do you make to get out of it? How do you snap yourself mentally out of it and get back to the you that you want to be?

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