Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday Recipe

It's Wednesday somewhere in the world! :) This past weekend I had a carb craving for some brunch yummies! I LOVE breakfast food. It's probably the one thing that I crave the most! I really wanted some indulgence this weekend but I live on a tight budget so I didn't want to go out and get food that would cost a lot and isn't good for me anyways. Bad on the budget and on the body. Instead, I decided to imitate a favorite breakfast food at home and make it clean. Here it is!


Definitely does not take a rocket scientist to come up with this one but I thought it was a fun recipe nonetheless. To make my french toast, I used Ezekiel Bread by Food For Life. I LOVE this stuff AND this brand! They also make EXCELLENT cereals that I love to add to my yogurt every now and again!

For those of you that are gluten sensitive, Food For Life also makes some gluten free versions - this particular one is not. I've had all sorts of their breads though and love them all! I also think that it's really cool they are a family run business and have stuck with their original processes. Anyways, I recommend trying these out if you haven't yet.

What I did for this recipe:

Mixed 1 egg and 2 egg whites in a bowl.
Sprinkle in cinnamon (as desired).
Add a splash of almond milk.
Beat mixture.
Dip both sides of bread in egg mixture.
Cook in a pan on the stove. Use coconut oil as your oil in your pan.
Cook on both sides and place on a plate.
Drizzle a small amount of agave syrup over french toast.

*After I had made the french toast, I actually cooked up the remainder of the eggs and ate them! SO GOOD! Seriously, the egg and cinnamon mixture is excellent. It's become a new way to spice up eggs for me lately!

Hope you all made it through Wednesday okay! 
Thursday is going to be here and gone quicker than we know it!

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