Sunday, November 18, 2012

Slack City

Yes, I have been up and missing. I'm here and working on things, but to be honest, I wanted to write a post because I feel like I have been in a rut. Yes, a rut. I have many new events/changes in life that are pending and I'm just waiting on something to happen.

I mentioned a while back that I was going to be moving. Well, I haven't yet. I was planning on moving in with my friend and was looking forward to it. However, she has a lot of other changes occurring in her life right now so she decided it was best for her to not move at the present moment. Because of this, I had to wait a bit longer to give my notice. I just handed in the notice for my place today and I've been spending every day online hunting down a new place. I'm debating whether or not I'd like to live alone again. I know that I am a major extrovert and, as such, I really like/need to be around people. However,   I am not really sure how I will do with having a roommate again. I am searching for both types of places at this point. If I am sharing, I will likely look on a month to month basis in the case that things don't go well in terms of living with other people.

My business season is coming to an end as well. I am going to be doing a Thanksgiving ride for charity and then after that, I will be closing. I will start to up my Internet activities and also be doing special offers to sell gift certificates. I have been working on a special craft that I can sell as an incentive during Christmas! Very excited to share that and I'll be sharing it all with you guys!

Finally, clean eating. I have been slacking. Very much. But I am getting back on track. To be honest, part of the reason that I haven't been posting is that on this front, I have been a bit disappointed with myself. When I am disappointed and not on point with goals, it hits me hard because not only do I feel like I am disappointing myself, but I am disappointing everyone who reads my blog. I will always come clean though and tell you all what is going on. The first step anyone can take in accomplishing goals is to be honest with themselves about where they are at with those goals. I have been slacking on clean eating, blogging and quite a bit of things lately. I think my living situation has been affecting this but I also think that I just simply am a bit burnt out. I have a vacation planned for this January to visit my sister and I can't WAIT! I think that it will be a nice break and good to be around my sister and her family. I will also go snowboarding with a friend during one of the weekends there! I am SUPER excited and vacation cannot come soon enough!

However, as I stated, yes, I have been slacking. With that said, I'm nailing down a few BASIC goals for myself as I get through this transition time of moving, etc.

1. Blogging at least ONCE a week. I will shoot for 2 posts, but ONE is necessary.
2. Posting on my Facebook business page at least TWICE a week.
3. Getting back on track with clean eating. More about this in a post that I have lined up for tomorrow.

This is where I have been, what I've been doing and what I've been slacking on. Now you all are aware and I'm hoping to get back on track with everything when I've moved and I'm more settled.

I'll leave you all at that and I'm going to get started on TOMORROW'S post because I have a great little offer for all of you!!! I can't wait to share it with you all and I hope that you join me!

Have a great SHORT week everyone in the US! Thanksgiving is upon us! 

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