Monday, November 19, 2012

Holiday SLIM DOWN!

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I have done some SERIOUS slacking on my clean eating. I feel like I have truly disappointed not only myself, but everyone who reads my posts. This is probably a reason I have been slacking on posting a bit because when I don't fulfill my goals I not only disappoint myself, but I feel as though I've disappointed readers as well.

I said before that I was re-committing to clean eating and then I failed. Yep, I truly failed. That's okay though because when you fail, you recognize it, make a conscious decision to change, and pull yourself up by your bootstraps and try, try, again! Here I am trying again!

I have had 2 days of clean eating now and I'm trying my hardest to stay fully focused and committed this time around! Sometimes, I need to make mini-goals for myself to accomplish my own BIG goal. Sometimes, I also need to involve OTHERS so that I can accomplish my own goals. Other people can also help to keep you accountable and motivated. In thinking about starting my clean eating again, I was reminded of the week that I kept track of my daily progress with clean eating and just how much my body changed with only one week of clean eating.

This is the picture from when I was tracking daily progress:

Look at how much difference there was in just ONE week! This picture really gets me motivated! I decided that I would once again track my progress for one week. Maybe even TWO! I was hoping that this would motivate some other people to join me in this adventure!

Now I'm well aware that Thanksgiving (for you people in the US) is coming up. I'm also well aware that often times people don't eat too well on Thanksgiving. I am a person who believes that you have to be in the right mindset and ready to change to accomplish goals. I am in the right mindset for myself RIGHT NOW. I think that being ready for a major change in diet just before Thanksgiving may not be for everyone. HOWEVER, what about the day AFTER Thanksgiving? That's right! No bringing home leftovers this year! This is why I'm asking anyone interested in joining me to complete their OWN week of clean eating with the DAMY Health program and to track their progress via pictures for one week.

Like I said, I want others to be motivated to join. As I am a DAMY Ambassador, I want to encourage anyone reading this to go to my Facebook page and when you like my page and utilize the promo code found there, you can receive 20% OFF of DAMY Health programs. This offer is valid for one week starting TODAY! That means you have till 11/26/12 to redeem this offer!

I am asking everyone who wants to join me, to take pictures for ONE week to show their everyday progress. Make a photo grid of your daily progress and send to me. You don't have to show your face and we won't name you if you don't want. But we can share with everyone else the difference that clean eating makes! It is SO motivating to look back on! I will be thinking of a special little something to give to anyone who participates in this with me! Let's show everyone how ONE week on the DAMY Health program can make a HUGE difference!

Once you get started, you can also join DAMY's Holiday and Little Black Dress challenge! Once you get on your way, you'll see that the more you commit to clean eating, the easier it becomes! When I eat things I shouldn't, that's when it gets harder. Committing to staying clean is the way to go!

Let's get fit and healthy together!

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