Thursday, November 29, 2012

St. Paul-y Girl

I have some big news! I have finally found a place! Yea! I'm very excited to welcome a new change into my life! I will be moving to St. Paul, Minnesota where I will be only 6 miles from my day job (biking distance!) and a bit further from my business. However, this move makes more sense with regards to my current day to day life. After months of scouring Craigslist to find the perfect place to fit me and my budget, I finally did it! Can you tell I'm pumped?

This is how people from Minneapolis, view St. Paul. The 'Dark Side'. Personally, I think each place has something unique to offer. :)

Some people absolutely DREAD moving. They look at it like this:

I am not one of those people. One reason being that I don't have much "stuff" least not yet. I try and keep life as simple as possible. With my new place, I will have to acquire a bit more "stuff" as I now will actually have a bedroom AND a living space (imagine that, no more eating on my bed!).  I am happy that I will likely be acquiring my grandmother's old bedroom set. It will really help lessen the financial burden and I am glad we can keep grandma's items in the family.

The aspect that I love the MOST about moving though is that it's like turning over a new leaf. You get a fresh start, a new space, new organization, purging of old items, intake of new's all very exciting. Since I have been at this place for 2 years, living quarters have been tight. I miss having space to invite friends over, a table to eat on, space to do my office-type activities, and I mostly miss having my bedroom be a private space rather than a public one.

Don't get me wrong, I don't regret having lived in my 211 square foot place. Yes, I actually measured it today. Like I've said before, I knew when starting a business, sacrifices would need to be made. However, it provided me a great opportunity to save money, be close to my business and form some great new friendships. This woman has outgrown this space though now. I've come to a better place with my business and a better place financially. 

Finally, I'm looking forward to new design in my new space. I was looking around my apartment the other day and it hit me that I have grown a lot as a person,  but the items around me haven't changed. My designs/sights are all the same. I'm ready for new growth that way too. I have creative juices flowing through my brain (mental note: creative juices sounds kind of gross) and I have another concept in mind. Just for that concept, I've gotten some posters framed at a sale I caught at Michael's on Black Friday. I can't wait to get into my place near the end of the December and get to work! Don't worry, you all know that I'll be keeping you up to date on the new design and place! It'll be a fun treat for the holidays!

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

That is my big news for the week! I have one more post to fulfill my goals from last week. I've upped my business posts as well recently! Keeping on track with those goals!

Hope you are all doing great this week!

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