Sunday, December 02, 2012

Difference Making

When I started my business, I had made a post on one of the driving factors for me in making a business is that one day, I hope to be able to make more financial contributions to organizations or causes that are important to me. This year, for my business, I created an event where I thought I could do just that. This year I created a Thanksgiving ride for charity. Half the proceeds were to go to a local non-profit organization called the House of Charity. The House of Charity feeds up to 350 men and women every day. They also have meals 365 days per year! It's such a great organization and I even mention it on my tours as we pass by their location.

I was really pumped as just a couple of days before the ride, a group of 7 people joined! I was super excited I would be able to contribute a small amount to this organization! I spent all night the evening before preparing a new route (I was going to make it a bit shorter so people could get to their Thanksgiving festivities). I was super pumped even though I new I wouldn't be getting lots of sleep. Unfortunately, when I woke up on Thanksgiving morning, I opened my email to see that the group wouldn't be joining me as they didn't think they could do this and their festivities. I understood because Thanksgiving can be a chaotic day, so no hard feelings. However, I was bummed I wouldn't be able to contribute to a wonderful charity off of the event. 

Although I was disappointed, I began to think about all of the events that I WAS able to help with this year and the difference I HAVE made.

  1. For the second year in a row, I provided a certificate for free tours for the silent auction for my day job at Neighbors, Inc.
  2. I also provided 2 other certificates for raffles for an organization raising funds to make a film about Minnesota athletes as well as a raffle for a young lady who was recently diagnosed with leukemia. 
  3. I gave a free tour to church members of Zion Lutheran Church.

I don't think these have made huge differences, however I was really glad I was able to contribute - even a little - to some causes. I hope that I can continue to grow this aspect of my business in the future.

Thanksgiving was officially my last day of business for the biking season. Off of weekends until next spring! :) I will still be busy doing other business activities, however. Making new tour routes, creating new types of tours with local businesses, etc. I recently made ornaments out of old bike chains to sell with gift certificates during the holidays! :)

That was it! Just made my two posts for the week! Ready for more this week! Lots of fun stuff happening in life now! :)

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