Wednesday, December 12, 2012

This is war - Christmas goodies!

Yes, I've declared war on Christmas treats! I told you guys before that I was planning to be clean, clean clean! Well, I failed. When I tried before during this summer, I failed too! I know though, that when you REALLY put your mind to something, you CAN do it! I just needed a good kick in the rear!

Well, that is where this thing called a scale recently came into play. I haven't weighed myself since the summer. I've truly been avoiding the scale - avoiding what I know will not be good news. Finally, I had to face the music. While I've said it before, and I still do think this - that numbers aren't everything - it is a good indication to some degree of how you are doing. When you know you haven't been eating clean, you can expect those numbers to go up. 

I finally stepped on the scale and I was really disappointed in myself. Back to 153 lbs. I didn't need the SCALE to tell me that I've gained weight or that I've not been doing my best but sometimes a number can really help to get you back into gear! So, I've been eating extremely clean for a week and a half! I'm super proud of myself! I weighed myself yesterday and I'm back down to 148 lbs! But it's not just the NUMBERS, it's that I feel so much more healthy when I eat clean too! I don't feel addicted, my energy comes back - it's a win win!

I decided to make a holiday pact with myself. No Christmas or holiday treats (non-clean ones  - and only a weekly CLEAN treat) till Christmas! On Christmas Day, I'll allow myself a little break and have a little bit of the things I've missed and then back to clean! Let's see how I can lean out till Christmas Day! This is really tough because I run a holiday program at work and I'm SURROUNDED by holiday treats all day! But I know that I can do it and I really want to get back to a leaner me!

None of these till Christmas! 

I've been taking my daily photos too and I'll be doing a two week photo post! :) Can't wait to share them! 

I hope you will all join me in keeping clean for the holidays! Still, we don't have to avoid the holiday gain - we'll gain a lot - our health, feeling vibrant on NYE and a healthy figure to match our confidence! 

What is your tactic for eating clean during the holidays? 

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