Thursday, February 07, 2013

I'm Baaaaack!

Hi Everyone! I'm back to my blog! Happy 2013! I know that I haven't blogged for quite a while, I like to think of my time off as my sabbatical. I just might need one once a year though. Consider yourself forewarned.

Seeing as it is now 2013, I'm sure that any regular followers of mine would know that, by this time, I have created my new goal board for 2013. It is done and here it is:

I will be updating my 2013 goal list on my page, but for now, seeing as this is my first blog post of 2013, I thought that the appropriate thing to do would be to review accomplished goals in 2012 and new goals in 2013. Let's start with the old and end with the new, shall we?
  1. The goal that I never mentioned on my blog is a private and personal topic. I don't expect others to agree with me, nor is my intention to persuade anyone into any belief. This is simply me, talking about my life, discoveries and goals. I really wanted to find/work on/discover my own personal relationship with God. I desired to find a church I enjoyed and do some more reading and discovery on my own.                                                                                                                                                                          My goal was unexpectedly spurred forward by the passing of my grandmother. This wasn't a, "Oh, death scares the crap out of me, must run to a church now and find God" - type occurrence. The principal reason I was incited to start working on that relationship was that, at my grandma's funeral, I saw her church community rally around her and her family. The church came together, provided for our family and really was there for us. The piece I'm missing, I discovered, was fellowship and sharing a common belief with others. In my life, I am surrounded by many secular people (that is okay, I love them too and pass no judgement) but I sought to have people in my life with whom I could share this commonality. I found a lovely church in Minneapolis where I feel welcomed and have been able to become involved. I have not YET become a member as I would still like to do some comparing with a few other churches. I think membership is a big step and I want to ensure this is the right place for me. I am still working on continuing to learn more about my faith and have some plans to read some books from apologetic authors to grasp a better understanding. It's a work in progress - just like me!
  2. A century ride - DONE! Video yet to be uploaded!
  3. Build business and make more profits - DONE! According to my accounting this year I made                                                                   half of my expenses for the year!
  4. Become more financially stable - YEP! Going to pay off my last credit card with tax returns                                                           and I will only have loans left! Was even able to buy a                                                         bigger place!
Goals I did not quite get to in 2012:

  1. Utilize car only to and from work. Well, I just moved closer to my day job. I decided that this summer, I'm going to start riding to work now that I'm close enough. I'm going to try and kick of this goal come warmer weather and hopefully continue that into the next winter.
  2. Get a six pack/clean eating. I did continue to eat mostly clean this year, but did not do as well as expected. I think this had a lot to do with my surroundings and the stress it caused me. Also, I recognize that as humans, we are going to have ups and downs and no one need be super hard on themselves. I have been doing better at eating clean as of late! :)
  3. Learn to sew. Well, I just simply have time for this in 2012. However,  I did recently sign up for a class and the first class is next Tuesday! Yippee!
  4. Invite friends on a regular basis to get together. I am not a good organizer - my one MASSIVE flaw. However, I also felt I didn't have adequate space for this before. Now that I'm in a bigger space, once it is organized, I'm going to try and arrange regular events.
  5. Do some more climbing. I did not do more climbing - but this is something I'm okay with leaving to the wayside. Hopefully, in the future, when I don't have 2 jobs, there will be more time for this sort of thing.
This sums up 2013. As for 2013, my goals include:
  1. Sewing class - mentioned above.
  2. A dancing class - hopefully during the week in the summer.
  3. Continue to eat clean, do a better job this time around.
  4. Invite friends over regularly/schedule regular event. Create a monthly group.
  5. Grow business, make new routes and develop a new tour.
  6. Become a member at a church.
  7. More travel/allow myself more time for relaxation.
  8. Learn to put on makeup/make an effort more often.
  9. Stretch 1-2 times per week.
  10. Make new friends close to my new place.
I'll be talking about some of these goals that I've already accomplished this year and my progress thus far. My next post will be about my NEW place that I am LOVING! Makes me feel like a new gal! :) It's nice to be back to the blog! Hope you all have been enjoying your 2013 thus far!


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