Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A little help from your friends.

Well, since I do blog about my goals, I figured why not ask for a little help from my friends? If I'm writing, I may as well as harness the power of the blog, right? 

As you all know, I run a business called Minneapolis By Bike! I give bike tours in the city. This is my third year in and I've been working hard! I've been doing the business and a full time job now for about 3 years. I've been scraping by on funds for the last couple of years but it's all been worth it to pursue my passions. Finally, I am able to cut my hours back at work and really throw myself into this season. I'm amidst a work transition now so that I can still do some work to pay the bills, but also dedicate some more days to my business.

I would love to be able to expand my business next season to St. Paul! For that, I need more equipment.  But I also need some more equipment for some shorties that show up on my tours. They are quite difficult to fit on bikes! :) 

With that said, I recently entered a competition sponsored by Intuit for $5,000 to a small business! If you are reading this and would love to support a Goal Getter, please click HERE to vote for my business! :) I appreciate any help or votes! The votes don't make it so that you will win, necessarily, however they DO help in making decisions and getting noticed. :) 

Once again - please click HERE and vote! You can do it once per day even! :) 


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