Tuesday, April 16, 2013


As I usually say, and it's always true, I've been busy. This keeps me away from blogging most of the time. I'm swept up in the momentum of accomplishing my goals, acheiving what I want to acheive, growing my business and then it's all too easy to forget or not have time to write about it. I want to write about it. I love to keep myself accountable, put my goals out there and show that you CAN, in fact, do anything that you put your mind to. Positive thinking, positive thinking, positive visualization, positive thinking! All of this, while still wanting to balance the normal things - working out, cooking and eating clean, social relationships and down time (a novelty that I don't give myself as much as I should!).

Despite looking out at a blustery winter day blowing outside my window, I know that the biking season, also known as my business and work season, is just around the corner. I should not be easily fooled by the cold temperatures and small snowfalls. It will be here, before I know it.

At the beginning of March, I learned that I no longer had a space for my business. I knew that biking season was 1-2 months away (but with this weather it may not be till June!). I just knew that I was pressed for time and had no location for the business. I had to move quick! It could have been quite easy to turn the situation into a negative circumstance, claiming that everything was working against me and I simply wouldn't be able to pull it all together...but that's just not reality nor how you become successful.

See, I believe everything happens for a reason. We are put in situations to learn, because there is something better that is meant for us, or even because a negative is to later show you a positive. That is life. Life happens...and it happens to us all. We all choose how to react to these things and I think that only the strong who can turn that one downer into a positive, are those that survive. What good is it putting your energy into being negative?

A lot of great things came from this occurrence! People that I do not even know from the community helped me search for a space. Friends went out of their way to help and support me. I'm even met and got into contact with more people and networking opportunities. I knew that out there, somewhere, was a place where my business would thrive.

In the midst of chaos, it appears that shiny happy occurences make themselves present. For example, despite the lack of business space, I was contacted more and more about my tours. I have people now wanting to refer me business! Out of that comes my own inner concerns; Can I keep up? Will I need to quit my job? What if I have to turn lots of people away? All of those, however, are very good concerns.

As luck would have it, about 3 weeks or so of searching and I found my new space! It's a garage that faces on a street and I have electricity! Exciting! A space to call my own! It doesn't look like much, but it's mine for my use only!

Ultimately and currently, I'm working on preparedness, positivity, and perserverance. The 3 Ps we'll call them. Now with a new space, I'm keeping optimistic about the upcoming season! I know big things  are on their way!

Source: tumblr.com via Alyssa on Pinterest

Hope you are all perservering in whatever situations you find yourselves - whether difficult or pleasant; it all comes with purpose.

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