Monday, March 07, 2011


This weekend, I attended a birthday party for my good friend, Mary. The party was at Punch Neapolitan Pizza, a place I'd never been to before. As I have my anti-donation/budgeting campaign going on, as any good budgeter would do, I checked the menu online first. The prices were reasonable.  I thought that I would be able to swing it if I just didn't have a drink. I got the margherita pizza and it was delicious! It was $6.74 with tax. Not too bad for a huge pizza. It was quite tasty! I opted for water at Punch fearing the worst for the bar that was to come. 
Punch.  Note: decently sized pizzas! :)
We later headed over to one of my favorite places to dance, The Front. They play a really fun variety of music and it's a laid back atmosphere that isn't like going out to the "club". I love it! I requested some Dee Lite and danced the night away! I did splurge on a single drink at the bar. It was $5.75 including the $1.00 tip I left (I may be on a budget but wouldn't skip out on tipping!). I was quickly realizing that this $25.00 budget is going to be REALLY difficult. I've already spent $12.49! Half of my budget! I was also invited to another birthday party next weekend...I don't know how I am going to manage. I am quickly beginning to worry that I may have to donate to Ms. Palin. I REALLY don't want to do that so I'm going to have to figure something out! If there were no parties, I feel like I could easily stick to this budget, but as I have been invited out, I'm struggling. Are there tricks that I don't know? Is $25 way too unrealistic?
The gals and I at The Front.
I wanted to get Mary a present for her birthday, but as funds are tight, I realized that wasn't an option. I opted for making her something. I made her a lovely dozen of cupcakes from scratch! I had most of the ingredients already at my house and swung by ALDI for a few extras. I did buy the frosting though, as I didn't have time to make my own. The recipe I used can be found here. It is the very first one listed.

'Happy Day Mary!'
In other exciting budgeting news, I used my tax return to pay off some credit card debt I hope to soon eliminate, bought renter's insurance as well as car insurance. By switching to a different company and combining both of these, I will be saving $120 per year. I also no longer have to purchase AAA as the car insurance company that I switched already had towing and rental car reimbursement as part of their plans! Another approximately $100 saved! I was very happy about that!
Me and the "Bou" mug!

I used one of my 2 "coffee out" days today! It was heavenly. Caribou Coffee has a sale on medium mochas for $3 between 3pm and 6pm. Furthermore, I purchased a travel mug a while back which saves me $.50 per coffee! Nice! I got a really cheap mocha today and I used the gift card I got from my brother and sister-in-law to buy it! If I keep that up, I can make that card last! ;) I do love a Caribou Pumpkin White Chocolate Mocha though...YUM! So glad they exist! Thanks Caribou!

What is your "going out" budget? What do you do when you're invited to lots of events? Any tricks that you have found to stay within your budget?

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