Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New. Wear. And. Fare. Wednesday.

Running behind again this week! What you've all been waiting for...


I have had this purple tank for quite a while but just can never seem to figure out how to make it work! Today, it continues to be boiling hot here in MN. This shirt is made of polyester but it's really light so it keeps me cool -- I know, not what one thinks when they think of polyester. I pulled it out and paired it with my new jeggings (love em) and cool new purple glasses. You can't see in the pic but I paired it with my summer striped flats from last time! 

Shirt: Mossimo - Target
Jeggings: Hue - Macy's
Glasses: Gifted by a generous coworker who knows I like purple! :) They are purple rimmed.
Shoes - Mossimo - Target
Locket - Gift from my dear mother <3

Close up of my locket. I love this locket. It's one of the few pieces of jewelry I wear on a semi-regular basis! Flower! 


Okay, I may have just found my new favorite vegetable in the world. Spaghetti squash! I swear, this stuff is SO good! Now, for those of you who despise even the smallest mention of the word, don't fear the word squash. Spaghetti squash (at least to me) doesn't really taste like a squash - squash. Catch my drift? And YES, just as the name suggests, you can use it as spaghetti! It's been a great way to replace some carbs with vegetables! This day, I added some breaded chicken with it to make a chicken parmigiana! So yummy!

How you ask? 

Cut it in half the long way. Bake it in the oven on 450 for 30 mins (I used olive oil on the edges and laid the insides face down on a pan). Using a fork you scrap the meat of the squash out. It comes out like spaghetti! Discard the skin.

I made my own sauce from Contadina's Organic Tomato Paste that I found at Costco. I bought a huge box of it! The ingredients? "Tomatoes." What a novel idea, hey? I applaud Contadina for making such a great product and Costco for carrying it!

How I made mine:

Place 2 cloves of garlic (chopped - or using a garlic press) in a saucepan with olive oil. Heat the garlic. Add tomato paste. Fill tomato paste can with water and add water. Stir until paste has turned into a sauce -like texture. I added about 1 - 2 tablespoons italian seasoning and voila! I think this would have been excellent with some yellow and green zucchini or peppers ands onions in it too! I just didn't have any around! If it hadn't been so hot, I would have gone and grabbed some fresh basil from the garden to sprinkle on top!

Chicken? You guys know... egg whites and a bread crumb mixture. I used a special recipe from DAMY Health. You can use whatever you like! :)

Hope you all had a spectacular Wednesday and that the week keeps getting better!

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