Saturday, July 16, 2011


Just checking in to show my weight loss progress! New pics for you all!


Weight 159
Bust 36"
Waist 29"
Hips 42.5"

Starting photo

Week 1

Week 2

Weight 152
Bust 34.5"
Waist 29"
Hips 40.5"

                                               Starting                                          Week 2

So excited about my progress this week! I'm doing great on keeping it up too! It doesn't even seem so difficult anymore! I had a tea out with my friend last night. At the tea place, they usually sweeten their drinks. I ordered a chai tea, tried it and it was SO sweet! I couldn't drink it! I forgot what all that sugar is like! I asked that they dump half of it out and add more soy milk because it was too sweet for me. It was much better after that! Natural sweetness from fruit seems to be enough for me now! That's great! :)

Have you been making progress on a goal? What is your goal and what improvements have you noticed?

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