Sunday, August 21, 2011

Goal: Check!

One more goal off the list! I FINALLY have made my own food! I can't say my garden was as successful as I hoped this summer. My squash seems to be dying, carrots are clearly meant to be left to the experts, and strawberries need a few years to produce anything. On the other hand, tomatoes and basil are booming! The word is still out on the green peppers!

These were the best of my carrots. Epic carrot fail.

As I said though, tomatoes and basil have been booming! My basil has been growing so quick I've been bringing BAGS of it into the food shelf to give away! So, I finally took the liberty to use some and can some salsa! My first successful canning project is going to go to my landlord as a thank you for allowing me to use the space in her garden. She even cut down her own plants so I could use the space! How generous is that?!

Here is how my canning process went!

 After picking the tomatoes, I blanched them.

Peeling off the tomato skins.

Next I cored them and removed seeds.

I made a salsa that came out of the Ball Blue Book. It was JalapeƱo Salsa! I made a batch for work one day too! That was my first attempt at canning and I didn't have enough tomatoes to fill the jar for canning. My coworkers really enjoyed it though! My one coworker said it was, "the bomb!" That made me pretty happy!

After making the salsa up and heating the jar and lids, I put the jar in it's water bath and away I went - canning! I was rather skeptical, I have to admit. I also realized, I need a deeper pot! That'll be an investment I'll have to make!

Here were my results:

Yes! A successful canning project! Perfect seal and hopefully no botulism! ;)

I'm going to make it pretty and bring it over to my landlord tonight!

Glad to be crossing these things off my list, one by one. (I am going to go and check it off the list now!) I was thinking today about how much progress I've made in the past year since leaving my job. I'm so happy for moving forward and not looking back - focusing on what brings me joy and fulfillment!

Here's to salsa and only looking forward!

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