Tuesday, August 30, 2011

When. I. Am. Busy...

Often times when I post, I tell you guys, "It's been so busy! I haven't been able to post in a bit!" I was thinking about this the other day and thought, "Maybe they need to know just what I mean when I say I've been busy." After all, if I was reading a blog, I would begin to wonder just what keeps that person so busy that they can't even post on their own blog! It only takes but an hour or so to create a blog, right? I decided to tell you guys just what I mean when I say busy. This was my busy yesterday!

8 AM: Alarm rings.

8:40 AM: I actually get up this time (this is my one day a week off from my 8:15 - 4:30PM job and I work just a few hours in the afternoon at a second job, but this allows me time to work on my business).

9AM: Making breakfast at my house and enjoying a quick bite while making some phone calls. Scheduled a chiropractic appointment (try for a least once a month with my current budget, but it keeps me tuned up!) Some business phone calls about ordering some more supplies and arranging a pick up to my storage unit for 5:30PM.

10:15 AM: Hopped on my bike for another business duty to order some shirts. Finished ordering shirts and biked to chiropractic appointment.

Bike, bike, bike!
11:15 AM: Crack, snapple, pop! Adjusted! :)

11:45 AM: Biked back home to get a snack. Sent out some business emails. Checked out some stuff online. Relisted some pants on Ebay. Changed and packed up my pannier for a bike ride to the beach.
And again!
1:00 PM:   Beach time! A quick stop for some relaxation and ME time! Read a book and caught up on my DAMY Health program for weeks 8-12!

                     My favorite view at the beach.                    Listening to tunes and readin'.

2:00 PM:   Bike ride back home. Ate some quick lunch and hopped off to work!

4:00 PM:   Errand for my employer and then a quick jaunt back to Minneapolis for business supplies!

5:35 PM:   En route to deliver supplies to storage space. Upon arrival, unloading and placing into storage.

7:00 PM:   Bike ride to the Wedge Coop for some goods for DAMY Health cooking night!

Rosy, my bike and me on a mission.

8:20 PM:   Trader Joe's for some OTHER foods for cooking and the rest of the week! Salad! Yum!

Late evening grocery shopping!
9:00 PM:   A night of laundry, cooking and cleaning! I've been so busy lately, my place has been a disaster! I like to cook all of my meals ahead of time for the week. This makes it easy for me to get other duties done during the week. I prepare a bunch of DAMY Health snacks, like these Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Balls! So good! I cook up meats and keep them in the fridge so I don't have to do that during the week. I get my lunch ready for the next day, coffeemaker on, dishes clean and my breakfast out on the counter.

DAMY Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Balls!

As I said, my place is chaotic! I've been so busy planning my business, working out and everything else that it seems hard to keep my head above water sometimes! I really need to get this place cleaned up! I got most of the STUFF picked up, but I have yet to vacuum, dust and mop tomorrow! My bathroom has just become too gross! I should be embarrassed to put this up, but I know that others have the same problems that I do in keeping up with house work, so I'm willing to put it out there!

Wowsers. Super cluttered.

Disgusting stove top!

Ew! Soap leftover, gross sink! Time for a scrub!

Laundry is always a task at my place with the laundry room in the basement and me three floors up. Plus, it seems that my sheets always get tangled in the dryer and I can never get them fully dry...even after two cycles! I let them hang out to dry in my place with the fans on. By morning, they are dry.

Alternative drying methods.

2:00 AM:  Time to lay down and catch some shut eye. Definitely not enough hours of sleep for me! I will have to finish the rest of my cleaning and some additional snack and food preparation tomorrow. I will also have to get in a workout and a quick after work business meeting! A lot of work and little sleep, but all worth it to come home to a clean house! :)

Much better for the most part!

This is what I mean by, "I've been busy." :)
Hope you all had productive and busy days too!

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