Saturday, November 26, 2011

Go. Go. Rest.

I’m typing you all for a little update since I came down with a brutal cold. I’ve been feeling a bit better, but still haven’t kicked this bug! It’s come to my attention though, that I’m quite terrible at recuperating when it comes to illness, and partly it’s my own fault. I am a go-go-go girl so having to rest-rest-rest doesn’t jive too well with me. I lay down and attempt to rest and I think of all the things I COULD be getting done, the productivity I am losing. The list of to-dos that are sitting there and waiting for me to complete!

This is only one of the aspects of my resting problems. My worst offense is working out. While some people struggle to get to the gym every day or even loathe it, I despise not being able to go every day. I’m not going to lie...I’m the girl that shows up to the gym all boogery and probably getting everyone else ill. I can’t help it, it PAINS me to not workout on my non-rest days. And as much as I love to go, when I’m sick and workout, I still complete all my workouts but I know the workouts aren’t near as good and my ability is severely inhibited. Today I was talking with my sister on the phone and was saying how I felt worse today than yesterday. I may have mentioned the fact that I went to workout yesterday...yep, I sure got reprimanded! ;) I responded, “But what about my hamstrings?” (Oh, so typical me.) However, I know that she has a point and everyone tells me that I need to rest and not workout but REST! 

Given that I am feeling the pain today, I did exactly that. I rested! I REALLY wanted to get into the gym and do my workout, but I know workouts may have to wait until I am fully recuperated and can give it my all in the gym. I also know that perhaps I need to slow myself down and smell the roses sometimes! I can give myself more leisure time and time to just “be”.
This is exactly what I’m doing today. Resting and “being”. Yes, I’ve done my laundry (cleaned my sick-contaminated bedding) and picked up my house - seriously, it was disgusting - but I have rented some chick flicks and am spending the night resting and watching some films and no working out. Re-learning how to rest!  I am stopping and smelling the roses.

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