Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This. Is. Me...Raw.

I had this amazing post planned for you all tonight...but then it go derailed by an even MORE amazing post! How great is that?!

Today when I got home from work, I checked my business email per usual. Except that I had a new and exciting email from a company that I never expected! I had received a response from Raw Revolution with regards to a request I put in about them providing me with small bars for my business, Minneapolis By Bike! I hope to be able to give coupons and goody bags to people at the end of the tours by my next season. This winter will be spent making connections and getting some planning and strategizing done. 

How I came about contacting Raw Revolution is that firstly, I had seen these little bars at my local Lund's Foods. I didn't pick them up though. Then one day my friend came out with me and had a bar and said they were really good! So, then I had to go back and try them! I went and bought a couple. Raw Revolution is JUST food! It's clean and so I loved it! No extra sugars, no weird chemical names that I can't pronounce, just food - fruit, nuts...food!

I met with someone not too long ago who also runs a touring company of a different variety. He had told me that he gives Clif Bars away at the end of his tours and that he gets a ton of them and could give them to me for mine. I thought that was totally great and really generous! However, as I biked away from our meeting, I thought about how I really didn't want to give out Clif Bars. Why? Because not even I would eat Clif Bars on a regular basis. Sure, they are yummy treats but are loaded with extra sugars. Loaded with tons of extra things that I wouldn't put into my body regularly and I know that the program I follow, DAMY Health, wouldn't recommend these either. I decided that I wanted better for my participants! I wanted to give them a great treat that I would eat and was proud to put in my body!

So I went home and contacted Raw Revolution. I got a response that said they received my request and they would let me know their decision. You know how that goes, you get automated-like responses from companies and assume (incorrectly, of course) that you will not hear back from them and it is a fat chance that your request will even be approved. But NO! Today I opened my inbox and I had an approval request! :) My product should be getting here for next season and I can't WAIT to be giving them out in my goody bags! They even said that my business name would be on their site! Thanks Raw Revolution! You are the best! You all have to go out and try these babies! Perhaps, I'll even go buy some myself and GIVE some away! :)

Hooray for a super day!

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