Saturday, January 07, 2012

Best. Body. Ever. Challenge. With. DAMY Health.

Remember that "Best Body Ever Challenge" with DAMY Health that I told you guys about not too long ago and I was working on a six pack? Well, it's finished! :) Unfortunately, I did not score my six pack...just yet! BUT I did learn a lot of lessons and I had some other amazing results that weren't a six pack! You'll have to see the video below to find out what! 

I did not WIN the challenge, but you know what? I know that I am a WINNER! I definitely feel like I've won for myself! Another part of my goal was to maintain where I was at with weight and I have done so and that makes me really happy! I had a few bad weeks during this program where there was a lot of stress and also I had a pretty bad cold for a couple of weeks and I sometimes lost sight of my goal. However, I kept it together for the most part and was dedicated to my workouts! I know I can continue doing better on my own and get that six pack someday soon!

I created a video for the competition. It is a bit long, but it documents my progress throughout the challenge as well as my lifelong struggle with weight loss. I also talk a lot about DAMY and their wonderful programs! I sure hope that you all check them out and perhaps you even purchase one?! No better time to reach for a new goal than TODAY! 

These are the pictures from very beginning, to after the Bikini Body Program to after the BBEC. 

Before DAMY Health programs

After the Bikini Body Program

After BBEC (now)

After BBEC (now)

And now for the video...

I hope that you all had wonderful success with your goals in 2011! 
If you are looking towards a goal of weight loss and health, I highly recommend DAMY Health

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