Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New. Wear. And. Fare. Wednesday.

It's time again for another Wear and Fare Wednesday! Yea! I am super excited about this one! This New Year's Eve, I took it upon myself to dress up! I have never ever ever dressed up for a New Year's Eve so this was something new and special to me! I wasn't even going any place fancy, just to my close friends' house, James and Kenna. It was a casual affair but I didn't care that no one else was going to be dressed up or not, I simply wanted to dress up, to dress up and feel good being me! And I did just that! I went out and found a cute new outfit to wear and I enjoyed being out and wearing it! Here it is!


A new lace dress with navy blue underlay - Heartbreakers
Nave blue blazer: - Heartbreakers
Navy blue nylons: Ragstock
Shoes: ALDO

A pic of the dress on it's own. The back was longer than the front and rounded. It gave it that "gentleman's tux" feel. I liked it! Plus, you never have to worry about bending over! ;)

I also paired it with some lacy earrings from Nordstrom.  I got these a few years back.


Clean eating biscuits! I had the biggest craving for a biscuit this weekend! I couldn't handle it anymore, so I broke down and had one...but a CLEAN one, so it didn't seem so naughty after all! I found the recipe HERE.

I made some simple modifications to this: I used melted coconut oil for the oil and unsweetened almond milk.

I made my own oat flour by blending it in the food processor. The recipe says it makes 6-10. I made 6 and I found them to be rather small. I think you could easily make 3 regular sized biscuits with this. I think that is what I'll do next time!  This was such a great treat! I popped the others in the freezer to have at a later date!

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