Saturday, January 21, 2012

Better. Late. Than. Never

As you may have noticed, my regular Wednesday post didn't come through. I'm running a bit behind. I did, however, make myself a new outfit and a new goodie this week! Scroll down to see! :)


This is a nice new skirt that I got from Everyday People, a thrift store in Uptown. I LOVE this skirt! It is originally from H&M and it's perfect for my body shape! A nice full skirt with polka dots! I love it! I also like that I could wear this one in the winter or the summer! Score!

Skirt: Everyday People by H&M
Shirt: Target
Jacket: SES (A clothing store in Australia)
Shoes: ALDO
Locket: Gift from mommy! :)


DAMY Health Protein Cookies!
If you follow me on my Facebook page, you may have noticed a little post about these. These cookies are probably one of the best creations I've ever had in my life!!! SO yummy and SO healthy! You can't go wrong! It's now turned into one of my favorites from DAMY Health. You should try this recipe and then if you're impressed, you should join DAMY Health, get some new healthy eating habits and enjoy many more recipes just like this! I made these chocolate chip style the first time, as indicated in her link. Find this recipe HERE! Click on the "BLOG" Section and then type in "Protein Cookies."

I did however, make a fun modification the second time. Clean eating oatmeal raisin cookies!
Here were my adjustments: Instead of 19oz of garbanzo beans, I used a can of 15 oz. I then added 1/4 of gluten free oats. I added a lot more cinnamon and a small sprinkling of nutmeg. Before making the batter into the cookie shapes, mix in the raisins. Not too much. I figured about 6 per cookie or so. If you just put them on top, they will burn or get crunchy. Also, in both the chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookes, I used only 1/4 of agave. I don't like to use Stevia personally. Enjoy! These things are GREAT!

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