Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wear. And. Fare. Wednesday.

Aaah yes! Clearly I'm back in the swing of things! Imagine that...a Wednesday post on Wednesday!! 
I have a lovely little dish for you guys today and a cute little new outfit I put together! Enjoy!


I had all of these pieces for this outfit, minus the shirt which I just picked up on my first day of vacation. It caught my eye when I was also in search for some biking shorts for a yoga class.  Love this top!

Hey look! I grew wings! 

Top: Target
Jeans: Old Navy - (Sweethearts mid-rise)
Locket: Gift from mommy!


During vacation, I can't promise that I was the best model of clean eating. I gave myself room to slack off during vacation but now I'm back on track. During my fantastic time out with my friend, Sarah, we went to brunch in the morning. We stopped at this restaurant that neither of us had been to and I ordered an egg scramble breakfast. Oh my gosh, was it good! It had potatoes and peppers and it just had this nice little kick to it. I was hooked! After that day, I was still craving it again! I decided to try and make my own clean version of this so I can enjoy it time and time again.  

How I did it!

I took one clove of garlic and minced it finely. Then, I chopped up onions and red peppers. I began to saute these all in a pan with some olive oil. Meanwhile, in the microwave I cooked at sweet potato. When it was finished, I diced it up into square pieces (skins on). I then added the chunks of potato into the pan with the vegetables. I added several spices to give this a kick - 1/2 tsp turmeric, 1/4 cumin, 1/2 tsp paprika and chili powder to taste. I thought I put maybe too much chili powder in but when I ate it, I thought it could use more, it didn't have the kick that I expected but it was still SOOOO good! I sauteed the veggies, spices and potatoes together till the potatoes had a bit of a crunch. I took out the vegetables then in the same pan cooked 3 egg whites with one whole egg. I also think in the future I will try just scrambling the egg into the mixture. I still have some experimentation to do with this but it still was just what the doctor ordered! Hope you all enjoy it too!

Have a happy Wednesday!

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