Friday, March 02, 2012

Lollipop. Leaders.

Miss Kyla Gagnon, a trainer  in Canada who I happened upon on Facebook (you should like her page, she posts some really great fitness videos and is also a follower of DAMY Health's page as well and makes DAMY's treats too!!), posted this really interesting video this past week on FB. I took a look and I found it to be such and inspirational video and so true! Before you read on, please take a look at this video below.

This video really made me contemplate about the "lollipop" moments in my life and if I've thanked the people who have given me these gifts. It also made me reflect on my own potential to be a leader, inspire others and be able to provide lollipop moments to others, via my blog and in real life.

I will start with one lollipop moment of my own, someone who I have not told that what they said, something so simple, made an impact on me. Frequently, when I think about quitting, or wonder where the heck I'm going or what I'm doing, I think back to this moment and I know that I must trudge forward with my goals and missions.

I know that I mentioned to all of you that in my former job, I was not a happy person. To me, it was not a pleasant environment and I felt constant stress. Fortunately, despite having less than desirable employers, I did have some awesome coworkers, many of whom I'm still in contact with today. One of those coworkers was a guy named Nate. Nate, (along with most of my other coworkers), knew that I was pretty miserable working there. He also knew, and I spoke with him regularly, about my resignation. I wanted to pursue my business and some days the stress there was just too much. One day, in talking with Nate about this, he said to me, "If you quit, don't look back. Don't look back and regret your decision." It was nothing astounding or highly philisophical, it was a simple urging to move forward and not look back at the past. However, unbeknownst to Nate, that small sentence made a huge impact on my life. Any moment that I ever even question my decisions to pursue my business, when it gets difficult, when I feel overwhelmed, when I am not really 100% SURE of myself, I think back to that moment and remind myself to keep marching forward, continue to give my best effort and to never look back. So to Nate: If I never told you this before, thank you. Thank you for giving me a lollipop moment and for being an everyday leader.
Source: via Alyssa on Pinterest

To further touch on this topic, this video serves as a reminder to me (and I hope to everyone else) that we are all leaders. That we all have a huge human capacity to affect one another - a God given capacity. I frequently think about my blog and my everyday actions, I hope that I have been able to give a lollipop moment to another individual. Have I lit a spark that created a burning desire in someone's life? Have I been the constant reminder to push forward? Have I simply put out enough of my own energy for people to feed off of it? Or has just a simple hello or action that I didn't even think was great, made a difference?  I am frequently reminded, that my actions can have a chain effect and that what I put out there is important. It's important for me as a granddaughter, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend, as a human being.

I agree with Drew Dudley that we are all inspirations to one another. We don't have to be the Dali Lama, Mother Theresa or the President. We just need to be our human selves. With this I say, live every day that you are granted with heart. You never know, to somebody else, you may be their everyday leader and everyday hero.

Have you thanked anyone in your life for giving you a lollipop moment?
What is your lollipop moment? Who is your everyday leader?

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