Tuesday, March 13, 2012


RE-dedication. That is my theme for this week. Not only with what I'm going to continue to write about, but also with my business and moving forward with that. I have to be honest with you all and with myself. Recently, my clean diet has been slipping. Small unclean foods have been working their way into the everyday diet. A little here, a little there, no problem, right? Wrong.
Over the short time that these foods have been inching their way back in, I notice small changes. Less muscle tone, a little tighter pants and definitely an overall icky feeling. I've decided that this week, it's time to RE-dedicate myself. No more unclean foods slipping into the diet during the week. Letting a treat be an actual TREAT! You can't have a REAL treat if other treats are happening throughout the week after all.
I am only human and these things happen. It doesn't mean that I have to dwell on these negative events and can't turn it around. In fact, I can choose to do that at any moment, any day. I choose now and I've been sticking to it! I armed myself with an aresenal of clean treats, spending my Sunday afternoon cooking away.

I was also thinking what caused these events. Of course, part of the answer is that it's lack of willpower and MY own personal choices. I made these bad food choices and that is something that I accept. The other thing that I think has taken part of it is that I feel like I am bored. I feel like I have been eating the same foods over and over, the same flavors, etc. I've researched some new recipes this week so that I can try them out and keep myself interested! New meals should spice things up a bit! I even had a tofu smoothie this morning!!! Wait for it on my Wednesday post!
I am making a conscious decision to turn it around this week. No excuses, no moments of weakness. Mind is stronger than the tummy! RE-dedication, begin!

When you are not achieving the success you would like to achieve in one area of your life, how have you revamped your situation to make sure you stay on a continued successful path?

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