Friday, February 17, 2012

Wrenching. Time.

On my new goal board this year, (which I have yet to post up here), one of the things that I wanted to push myself to learn was more bike mechanics. It will be useful during tours in case something happens that I know more about the actual bike and how to fix it. I already knew, of course, how to change a tire and some basic things, but I think this will be a nice added boost.

I've been spending some time at Recovery Bike Shop (who also supplies me all of my equipment - check them out - they are in Northeast) and doing some volunteer wrenching. I mainly just watch the bike mechanics and learn from them but sometimes I get to help and change tires, etc. I've really been enjoying it because I get to learn and practice. I've missed the last couple weekends but I hope this weekend I can get back and put in some more time.

Me with bike tire I changed. 
This is Joram, on of the bike mechanics. We pretty much just spend our time picking on him all day. :)

A bike being built.
This is Janneke. She lets me help out and really shows me the ropes!
On this front, I know that I've mentioned that I have vacation coming up next week. However, after vacation I'm going to get into high gear with my business-related stuff. I am using this week to recharge my batteries, have a little enjoyment and then I will be back in business! I can't wait for this vacation! Today is my last work day for a week! Woo hoo!

I'll be off on vacation now and I hope to bring a big update on everything I did! :)

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