Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How Many Calories Are In That?

Ah, yes. "How many calories are in that?" A question that, it seems lately, I have been getting a lot. I don't know why this question is being brought up so much as of recent, however, I do know that my response will continue to be the same. "I don't know," as I continue cramming my mouth full of food.

This question is posed to me by people in the gym, sometimes friends and probably whoever happens to see me shoveling food into my face throughout the day. And the truth is, I really don't know. Quite honestly, I really don't care.

Don't get me wrong, I completely understand the whole mathematical equation. Calories in - Calories out (burned) = Weight Gain or Loss (dependent upon the outcome of that equation). However, the beauty of my current lifestyle and my dedication to the DAMY Health program is that I don't have to count calories, points, fat, carbs...thank the Lord! Because I don't want to!


The other evening at the gym, I hopped on an elliptical machine next to an acquaintance at the gym. She said that she had noticed me with my DAMY Health printouts and asked where I got them, what I do, etc. We continued to have a long discussion about health and diet and she would bring up calories and this and that. I tried to tell her that I don't worry about that but amazingly enough for me (if you knew me, you would know this is pretty amazing) I could hardly get a word in!!

All this recent questioning about the matter of calories lately has given me the opportunity to reflect about the situation of diet in our country (and I'm sure many countries around the world). It really is difficult and frustrating for me to see people who spend so much more time counting the contents of calories, carbs, fat and so on in their food, rather than just enjoying really good and healthy food. I feel like the act of calorie counting itself can be come quite an unhealthy obsession.

Obsession? Not at all! Hmmm.

I don't make these comments as any type of judgement towards any people that may count calories or points, but I say this based on personal past experience. I was once a calorie and point counter. I had tried so many different methods to control my weight growing up. I felt like the counting did become an obsession. It seemed to make eating a painful experience rather than a pleasurable and healthy one. I thought about points all the time and mostly, I thought about eating all the time. I was one hungry point counter! Not only that, but I would go as far as to say that at different periods of my life I was exercise anorexic. Eating very minimal amounts of food and exercising myself like crazy to lose large quantities of weight in short periods of time. It never lasted, I would inevitably gain it all back and more. How can you really spend that long doing that to your body, before your body really demands what it wants?

Perhaps some of you are reading this and thinking that I am a hypocrite, because I have to be measuring what I eat to some degree to maintain a fit physique. To some extent, you are right. Just as everyone else, I do have to watch portions. You can't go eat a whole cake and expect to be fit and trim. I do have to watch the types of food that I am putting in my body at certain times of the day as well. However, I can eye up the size my meat should be by my palm. I can make a pretty accurate estimate of the amount of carb needed on my plate and of course, I will happily load up on heaps of veggies and some fruits. Of course these things need to be quantified, however I don't feel obsessed over them. I don't feel deprived. Eating can be enjoyable and I can constantly feed my body the right food - all day long - and remain fit.

What I really wanted to say with this post is that I find it frustrating and saddening that people feel they have to be trapped by food counting - as I once did. Even worse, that our media puts these types of diets on display and aids in making them fads. I also write to say this: If you are trapped in food counting and you loathe it, I challenge you to try DAMY Health. If you are calorie counting and at a plateau or realize that the food counting isn't getting you the results you want or your always hungry and tired of being obsessed with counting, try DAMY Health. Yes, it will feel backwards. But you will see that you CAN eat a lot of food and get the fitness results you want. I am living proof! See??

Please, if you are ready to treat your body the way it deserves to be treated, give DAMY a whirl. Your body, in turn, will thank you.

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