Sunday, May 20, 2012

Clean eating in just 7 days...

I had gotten off of my clean eating for a while. The results were not good. I felt flabby, sloth-like, unable to do my workouts as efficiently and worst of all, I felt out of control. I was addicted to sugars again. I realized what I hated most wasn't that I was flabby but the feeling of not being in control of my own habits. Suddenly the foods had "the say" again. I found myself going back and forth to the sweets at work. There was the realization that when I was eating, I wasn't even enjoying the food rather it seemed like an involuntary action of excessive consumption of sweets. I had lost it. 

On the other hand, I knew that all it takes is a couple of days of dedication and I could be back on track, cleansed of the processed and refined foods that lead to my sugary demise. With this knowledge and the awareness of my love for a challenge, I decided that I would commit myself to a 7 day challenge of clean eating. This wasn't just going to be a "getting on track" challenge. I wanted to demonstrate for once what I have talked about a few times before. That you can visually see a DRASTIC change in your body with clean eating. Here are my results in 7 days!

Just to be sure it is clear. I did not do anything different during these 7 days other than eating clean. I had been doing the same workouts all along. The only change that I made was that I ate clean and eliminated the processed and refined foods. My water intake was the same, my workouts were the same, everything virtually the same. This difference in physique is ALL due to eating the right foods for your body!

Will everyone have the same results after 7 days of clean eating? No. I am well aware that as I have been dedicated to clean eating via the DAMY Health program for a year (and yes, I have had small time periods where I have fallen off track) that I am able to see a quick return of muscle tone. This is because I'm dedicated to working out 6 days a week and have the base of all of this weight training and clean eating behind me. However, I think this does demonstrate how a person who is dedicated to working out and is looking to lose those last 10 pounds or so can get great results from clean eating. You will see a great difference in your muscle definition - just in 7 days!!! Even though that's what THIS post demonstrates, don't forget that others with more weight to lose can see just as good of results as I did with the DAMY Health program. Want to see? Look at THIS POST.

I can only recommend that everyone give DAMY Health's program a try! It will change your life and your relationship with food. Yes, I am not perfect and sometimes my old habits take over. On the other hand, I am able to now recognize these and take back control quick. When I do, I love the results that I SEE and how I FEEL! Back on clean eating and in control! I feel great!

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  1. That's just amazing !!
    If that's how eating clean can change your body in a few days, imagine what eating clean for life can do.