Thursday, May 10, 2012

Top 3 Kitchen Tools for Clean Eaters...

As you may have already noticed, I didn't get you a Wednesday Wear and Fare post yesterday. I've had an overwhelmingly busy week with my business starting back up again so that means less time to post. I will still try to get them in though at LEAST once a week! I don't want you all to think that I've been slacking, because that's certainly not the case! I still have been working on some goals - ones on my goal board even! - that are works in process and I'm not quite ready to comment on them yet. When I am ready though, I'll be sure to let you all know! :)

Last night, I was cooking up a wonderful DAMY Health recipe. It's one of her more recent ones and you can find it on the site on the "Blog" section. It's the "Flourless Chocolate Chip Blondie Brownies". So good! I brought them in for a work meeting - and no one even knew that it was healthy for them! HA! So tricky!

While I was baking up a storm last night, it occured to me that while I do talk about recipes on here, I don't talk much about the process of making them! Sometimes, some of these recipes, though pretty easy, can be made more difficult without the right tools! I decided I would do a post on my Top 3 favorite kitchen tools for clean eating!

In no particulare order - here they are!

1. The R.N. Witmer Company Co, Inc. Natural Peanut Butter Mixer

Okay, so I bought two of these little tools for myself as a birthday present...for myself! I love to get myself birthday presents! Seriously, this was one of  THE BEST $9.95 investments I have EVER made! If you're a clean eater like me, then you eat a lot of nut butters; almond, cashew, pb, etc. I love them all! The one pain about the natural butters? The separation of the oils and butter! Have you ever stirred them up only to have the oil spill all over your counter?! I HATE that! Seriously, this little tool will solve all of your nut butter blues! It's so easy! You just pop off the original lid, put in the mixer with it's caps that go with it (there are a couple little parts you slide over the mixing rod) and away you go! I usually crank for maybe 30 secs and it's done! You can do it flat or sideways! I was skeptical though. I thought, "Now does it REALLY get all of that hard butter on the bottom?" It sure does! I've tested it! Seriously, the people at the Witmer Company are geniuses. Plus, they make mixers to fit all different size jars. So you can even by peanut butter in bulk sizes and still mix it! Awesome! To buy one of these babies - and I highly recommend it - check out the Witmer Company HERE

2. Parchment Paper

Yes, I know this doesn't sound like much of an appliance. Parchment paper will rescue you though! I love parchment paper for baking my snacks. I can make cookies on it, I can put breads on it, I can do kale chips on it...I use parchment paper - A LOT. I like this earth-friendly brand, "If You Care FSC Certified Parchment Baking Paper." It's coated with silicone as opposed to quilon, which contains a heavy metal. No heavy metal for me! Yea! Well, at least in my food. ;)

3. The Ninja Master Prep Pro Blender

I never ask for tangible items for my birthday. I usually feel like I have most things I need, so I try and do without. However, my smoothie blender was going bad so I asked for this for my birthday from my parents. I am SO happy I did! The Ninja is the BEST clean eating cooking tool ever! I make my smoothies in it, but not only that, I make DAMY Health Ice Cream, batters for snacks and even protein balls! I am doing a 3 month test period and just trying to use the Ninja to make all of my recipes and I think it may even REPLACE my food processor! I don't think many days pass where I don't used it. It's great because it came with 2 size pitchers that have measurements on them and the best thing about the ninja is that it has blades all the way up the stem so you don't have to wait for your food to get sucked down into the base to be blended! I love, love, love this thing and I'm happy I finally asked for something tangible for my birthday! Very soon, I may have more counter space with my food processor gone!

Those are my 3 favorite tools for clean eating! What are yours?

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