Monday, September 24, 2012

Positivity Tuesday - Join In!

I finished my goal of my very first century ride! :) I can now cross it off my list! I haven't updated you all on that because I'm going to make a video which takes time. I'll aim to get it out this week.

In other news, I've decided that TOMORROW is positivity Tuesday! That's right, spreading random acts of positivity! What may have inspired this? Well, a random act of positivity and kindness that someone did for me! It wasn't anything huge at all but someone that I don't know too well simply complimented my hair! That was it! That was all it took! It made me feel real good inside and it also reminded me how much those small positive acts can really make someone's day! That's why it's important to do them often. Sometimes, I slack on giving those positive comments but then someone reminds me of how important it is.

These reminders make me think of how much we ALL, me included, can complain rather than compliment or be thankful. We find the negative before we see the positive. Or we see the positive but we forget to comment on that. There are studies that show that you need 5 positive experiences for every 1 negative experience. These same studies also say that as humans, it's natural that we remember negative events far more than positive events. As such, we must bombard our brains with positive experiences to overcome the few negative events. Other studies have even proven that psychologists can pretty accurately predict divorce dependent on this ratio that they call "the magic ratio." What I am saying is, positivity and positive acts are important for us all!

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This is why tomorrow is positivity Tuesday! Thus far, these are some of the positive acts I have planned:

My coworker was gone at work today. It was a busy, busy, busy day. I am not going to lie and say     that I was feeling positive about this situation today. However, rather than be negative that my coworker had her day off, I am going to thank my coworker for coming back tomorrow and let her know that I missed her and I appreciate her when she's around! That I can notice when she's not there and she makes a significant impact.

I am going to write a positive comment card at my gym. They have a comment and concern box     and I'm quite certain that an overwhelming amount of those cards are concerns and complaints rather than compliments. I'm going to put in compliments to everyone - especially those people that work hard and frequently get overlooked like the cleaners.

I am going to make sure to thank my friend again for biking 100 miles with me. I don't think that I stressed enough to him that I really appreciated it. I did.

I will make sure to compliment a random stranger on the street about their dress, hair or great personality!

Those are a few of my plans! I will be sure to add much more! Join me in positivity Tuesday! You'll feel better and so will the people who receive your positivity!

Source: via Tonya on Pinterest

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