Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday Recipe

This week's recipe isn't much of a recipe at all! In fact, it's more of a taste test! DAMY Health, during the summer, put up a raw food challenge. They suggested people try and eat at the very least, one meal a day raw. Well, I failed miserably. I tried one day to eat that way and I just didn't feel filled up and was missing cooked foods quite frankly. Lately though, I've been in the mood for some fresh veggies and nothing cooked.  I can't name why this is, it just is! I remembered seeing recipes similar to this one before (or at least the concept). So, I decided I would come up with my own concoction.


For this recipe, I was really wishing that I had a veggie spiraler. I've seen that they do wonders and people talk about how much they love them. Nonetheless, I had to do with what I had. Perhaps the spiraler can be an investment for the future.


1 Zucchini
Fresh Veggies
 (Choose what you would like in it. For mine, I used broccoli, red peppers and shredded carrots)
1 - 2 spoonfuls of cashew butter 
1/4 - 1/2 C light coconut milk
Ground ginger powder (or fresh ginger if you prefer)
Cayenne pepper
Garlic powder (or fresh garlic if you prefer)

First, using a peeler, I removed the dark skin from the zucchini. I then continued peeling the zucchini into long shredded pieces making my "pasta". I stopped shredding on each side when I reached the seeds. This is your bed of pasta. Put sliced up vegetable variety on top.

In a bowl, combine the cashew butter and coconut milk (you can always food process raw cashews and coconut milk too. I did this for time's sake and no raw cashews at my house). Mix until smooth consistency. You may want a thicker or more runny sauce. Put in less coconut milk for a thicker sauce. Add in garlic powder, cayenne pepper and ground ginger powder. The amount that you put in of these is really up to taste. I generally put the most garlic powder, next a few shakes of ginger and a little bit of cayenne to give it a bit of a kick. Pour this over your plate of veggies and "pasta". If you desire, something else that you could add to this for texture is to break some raw cashews into smaller pieces and sprinkle in with the dish. Now, enjoy!

Hope you all like this raw recipe! I finally feel like I at least did one meal justice with raw foods and maybe a late try at the DAMY Health challenge!

Hope you all had a fantastic day!
It's're halfway there! 

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